The Matt Fiddes Mobile App is packed with "Easy To Use" tools that we know you will love 

as you explore the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts global platform.

The Matt Fiddes App features include 

Matt Fiddes School Location Finder , Martial Arts Training Videos, Special offers
Special interviews, Loyalty Programs, Event Promotions
VIP Special Access, Offers and Material, The MF Online Stores
Matt's Blog , Program & Training information and much, much more

The Matt Fiddes App allows us to create a direct, instant and valuable communication channel with

our existing clients as well as all of our new clients we haven’t met yet.

Welcome to a new way of exploring Martial Arts with the Matt Fiddes App



"Access all our events, timetables and social media channels"


"Get access to our App only instant special offers"


"Get special access to our student loyalty rewards program" 


After Downloading 4 questions will appear PLEASE do the following

1. Allow the APP to access your location - ALLOW
2. Offline Cache - YES
3. Enable Push Notifications - NOTIFY ME
4. "Canavan" would like to send you Push Notifications - OK 


Google has recently changed it's security protocols.

You will be asked for permission to aspects of your phone to use our app.

Whilst this is a Google requirement to be able to use the app,

we value your privacy and have ensured our app now has been

designed to not allow acces to any of your personal information at any stage 

Have complete confidence when using our app,

Your information cannot and will not be accessed.

Your privacy is 100% secure



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